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Amazon PayCode is Here - No Credit/Debit Card? Use Cash!
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You may be wondering why Amazon is such a successful company. The answer is both simple and complicated. It is simple because they solve customer problems at the right time and the exact moment. It is complicated because it takes a lot of money and technology innovation nowadays to solve customers exact problems.

I have been in situations where getting a credit or debit card is one problem. Keeping that credit/debit card with available funds is another problem. The amazon PayCode is of course a relief for the following 2 main reasons:

1.- It is not that simple to get a credit or debit card issued to your name by a local bank unless you live in a country like Chile. In Chile, you can get a Debit Card to buy online in just less than 1 hour. All you need is a valid National Photo ID card called “Carnet RUT”.If you can have Amazon PayCode to use Cash at a Western Union approved location, what can be better than that?

2.- The other main reason is the fact that at Amazon products don’t stay too long, people just grab them as they appear and we know amazon prioritize quality products (reviews ensure manufacturers pay attention to the products they sell on amazon if they want to stay in business). I am not saying you will not find a bad one (Just return it and ask for a refund or replacement and leave a review, they’ll do it !). Amazon PayCode just comes handy to help you buy what you’ve always dreamt to have and not let the obstacle of a credit/debit card ownership prevent you from that universal human right of buying.

Without further ado, let us see how the Amazon PayCode work and a few Frequently Asked questions to shed some light on your quest for helpful information. Before we do, let us tell you that Amazon PayCode has started only with the following countries:

  1. Barbados
  2. Chile
  3. Colombia
  4. Costa Rica
  5. Federated States of Micronesia
  6. Hong Kong
  7. Indonesia
  8. Kazakhstan
  9. Kenya
  10. Malaysia
  11. Marshall Islands
  12. Mauritius
  13. Palau
  14. Peru
  15. Philippines
  16. Taiwan
  17. Tanzania
  18. Thailand
  19. Uruguay
  20. USA

More countries will be added progressively. So wait for yours.

How does it work ?

Amazon PayCode InfoGraphic 1

Amazon PayCode InfoGraphic 2


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Amazon PayCode?

Amazon PayCode is a new payment option that enables you to pay for Amazon orders with cash. You can shop online and pay at a participating Western Union® agent location near you. After you pay, we will ship your order to the shipping address specified at checkout.

How do I shop with Amazon PayCode?

If Amazon PayCode is available for your order you will see it as a payment option at checkout. You will be asked to provide additional information that is used to process your payment at a Western Union agent location. The price at checkout will be updated to reflect the price in your local currency. Upon completing your order on Amazon, you will be provided a code and instructions on how to make your payment at a participating Western Union agent location.

Where is Amazon PayCode enabled?

Amazon PayCode is currently available in the following countries and regions: Barbados, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Philippines, Peru, Taiwan, Thailand, and Uruguay. We are continuously working to launch additional countries, please check back frequently for updates.

How do I use my code at Western Union?

When you visit a Western Union agent location, tell the agent you are there to pay for an Amazon order. The agent will ask for your code and will ask to see your photo ID. The ID you show to the agent must match the information you provided during checkout on Amazon. The agent will take your payment and then provide you with a receipt. You will also receive a payment confirmation email from Amazon, followed by a shipment notification when your order has shipped.

Where can I use my code?

You can search here for participating Western Union agent locations near you. You can pay at any Western Union agent location that accepts Amazon PayCode. You do not have to designate the location during checkout.

How long do I have to pay?

You have 4 days to pay for your order. If you do not make payment within 4 days, the order will be cancelled. You will need to re-order your items on Amazon and receive a new code to use to pay at a Western Union agent location.

Why is my delivery date adjusted for this payment method?

Your estimated delivery date will be adjusted by 4 days to reflect the window you have to pay for your order.

Can I ship products to the United States and pay in my home country using Amazon PayCode?

Yes, you can. When you are ready to checkout, sign into your Amazon.com account and add an US shipping address. You will still be able to checkout with Amazon PayCode and make your payment in person as long as you are in a supported country.

Why can’t I use Amazon PayCode for my order? Are there any purchase limitations with this payment method?

To qualify for Amazon PayCode the products you select must be export eligible and you must be shopping from a supported country. In addition, PayCode may not appear as a payment method if the order value exceeds the maximum value allowed for use on this payment type.

How do I return items and get a refund?

If you would like to return your item visit My Orders on Amazon.com and click Return Items. Enter the reason for the return and select Refund through Amazon PayCode. Once we receive your returned item, a refund code will be issued to you. You can visit a Western Union agent location, show the code along with your photo ID, and collect your refund. If you do not collect your refund within six months we will issue the refund to your Amazon Gift Card balance.

How do I collect my IFD (Import fees and duties) refund?

Amazon collects Import Fees and Duties for international orders, and on occasion we over estimate the amount that needs to be collected. If this is the case we will issue you a refund code and you can collect your refund at a Western Union agent location. If you do not collect your refund within six months we will issue the refund to your Amazon Gift Card balance.

Still have a question? Please refer to the additional FAQs


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